” Vitalistic Vixen will whip you into shape through wellness and kicka…ss training programmes designed to fit your lifestyle. Crazy energy + one inspiring coach = success! That’s what VV is to me ” – Jennifer Leigh

“Thanx Heidi it’s a great way to get your exercise in, keep up the good work ”  – Zelmaire Martignone

“Soooooo Vitalistic fitness is the best thing anyone can do! It’s much better than going to an actual gym, its lots of fun and the instructor, Heidi Groess helps you better yourself and teaches you healthy eating and living! Sure you are stiff as hell the next day but it’s so worth it! Thank you Heidi for giving your time and effort you put in and give to us!! I rate this 5 star!!” – Chavonne Rautenbach

The best inspiration I have had in a LONG time! Vitalistic Vixen is bringing me back to life. Watch this space!” – Angie Pinklemonswirl

“For me Vitalistic Vixen has been the best thing for me to have started. the classes absolutely push you and really give you that start to a great lifestyle of fitness. I have really begun to see the changes in my body and absolutely love attending the classes. I have honestly felt that I have had more of a workout in the classes that I do than in going to the gym. vitalistic vixen classes works all aspects of the body and leaves you feeling motivated and ready to always come back for more…”  – Kera Andrews

“Vitalistic Vixen is a place where us girls, and a few guys, get together and strive towards the same thing- getting fit, healthy and self confident! There are no short cuts, just old fashioned HARD work! But with all the support and an amazing trainer it becomes fun and becomes a way of living! I have lost 27kg and am feeling fantastic! I love being a Vixen!’ – Heidi Van Jaarsveld

“Enjoyable if you want to get super fit the place to be” – Julie Van Heerden

Absolutely love Vitalistic Vixen!! It’s a fun and exciting way to keep fit! I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get fit and healthy!” – Jananda Yssel

“Heidi is the most motivated woman I know she absolutely loves fitness and helping others to achieve there goals she dedicates herself to each individual and class !! Working with her is a guaranteed blast , mentally and physically !!!” – Oan Scriven

“I love going to gym at Vitalistic Vixen. I feel more motivated when I’m in Group classes and in boot camp. I’m driven to get to where I want to be and find that I’m way more comfortable working out here then I would at any other gym. The atmosphere is just awesome full of giggles and fun but also hectic work outs. Any thing I needed help with Heidi has helped me with and guided me to the best classes for my body type. I was never one for gym until I started at Vitalistic Vixen and now I look forward to every class I go to. Its value for money and you get fit and sexy while you with a great group. I’ve been there for a month now and not only does Heidi help me and build me up but the group does to. Its fun and I truly love it.” – Bianca Fromont

“Such an enjoyable experience to gym at #VitalisticVixen it made me keen on exercising and living healthier” -Cheri Lynn Marais

“I love how Dedicated Heidi is when it comes to her training, she always has advice on how to live and eat healthy!! I would recommend Vitalistic Vixen to anyone who wants to change their lifestyle for the better!!!” Corle Potgieter






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