Heidi Groess

Hi! My name is Heidi Groess and I am the founder of Vitalistic Vixen Fitness.

You might think that since I run a successful fitness, wellness and lifestyle

training program that this has always come easy for me. Nothing could be

further from the truth.

I grew up a bit of a tomboy on a 4-acre plot near Alberton in South Africa, and

found myself living an active lifestyle from an early age.

I played hockey at school and really enjoyed horse riding, receiving numerous

awards for show jumping. I studied Multimedia and earned a degree majoring in

Video Editing.

But I soon found being cooped up in a room and staring at a screen

all day was not for me. I needed to do something creative, and be active at the

same time.

Yoga became an important part of my life. I decided to gear it up to another level

and took up pole dancing classes. And that’s when I received heartbreaking


I was told I have a problem with my back.

After body stress release, a visit to the chiropractor, and 3 physiotherapists down the line,

I was diagnosed with Scoliosis.

In other words my spine has a curve in it (a large 36 degrees curve in it!), which twists and rotates with a good

dose of discomfort and pain. My hips were misaligned causing one leg to be shorter on one side. To

compensate, my lower body shifted, creating a lopsided effect and a lot of stiffness.

Shattered with the news, I was told I could never live the life I wanted to live.

Out of literally thousands of exercises out there, I was told I was allowed to do

only ten. And for the rest of my life, I would have to do specifically designed

exercises recommended by my physiotherapist to help improve my condition.

I was used to running thousands of miles a minute. And now it felt like I had run

head first into a brick wall.

Life as I knew it, was over. My planned life was gone!

I became depressed, lost all motivation, and got into a real bad place filled with

hate and anger to the world.

I started binge eating. This, together with the lack of exercise, started showing up

real quick. I underwent therapy and was put on anti-depressants.

I broke down.

I knew I could not continue down this path. This wasn’t the go getter that was

  1. I had to do something. I had to break the vicious cycle before it would take

me on a path I could not return from.

Above all, I knew deep inside I could prove them all wrong.

One step at a time, I started getting back on track. I focused on doing those ten

exercises. I ate a little less. And you know what? It started to work. I could see

small improvements as the days went by.

At first they came slow. It seemed like an impossible goal. But slowly,

convincingly, my situation started to improve. I learned that the human body can

do a lot to heal itself, if you give it a helping hand. Putting in the hours, along with

knowing what to do, has improved the quality of my life to levels I had never

even dreamt were possible.

I can honestly say I am now at the point where I DID IT!


And what’s more, I realized that if I can achieve such a rewarding lifestyle and

level of fitness, then I am sure you can too!

I became a certified fitness trainer. With my 9 years of knowledge in yoga, I

became a certified kids yoga therapist too.

I started teaching yoga. But it wasn’t until I started incorporating other wellness

elements into the lessons, that I knew I had hit it off.

Now I spend many hours a day, training and looking for new ways to improve

overall fitness and wellness. Constantly  going for new training to improve the richness of quality that I provide to my clients Over the past few years I have developed specific

programs to focus on key target areas.

My classes have grown in size and I continue to improve on them every day.


Heidi Groess


Heidi Groess


Heidi Groess



One thought on “Heidi Groess

  1. You are amazing Heidi, you really are inspiring and strong, you care so much about others and our health. I had a great experience with you, and if it wasn’t for me moving so far away I would still be in your care reaching my goals. You go girl!!! You’re the best!

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