At Vitalistic Vixen, we recognize that food is only one part of the weight-loss equation. Activity, healthy habits, support and smart food choices: these are the keys that can lead to real, lasting success, not to mention feeling good on the inside will show on the outside!
This program is built for human nature, meaning our natural tendency to become demotivated, but with the Vitalistic Vixedn you can expect amazing results.
Temptation is everywhere, and science shows us that our brains are hardwired to give in. This program is designed to teach you the knowledge that gyms and other weightloss programs forget… The WHY’S of why can and can’t we eat certain foods, and with that underlining knowledge we can become educated how to improve our lifestyle naturally, thinking I NEED TO LOOSE WEIGHT, is not the way to go, but we shall teach you to think I NEED TO MAKE CHANGES TO MY DIET TO LIVE A LONG, HEALTHY AND SEXY LIFE, even if you first attend with the mind frame of I want a body like a model! Not to say you won’t get there! We are bringing out your inner Vixen remember!

We at Vitalistic Vixen recognise that everyone is different and has different needs and goals. We provide a range of fitness classes to suit everyone, whether is tension your looking to lose whilst relaxing in our Stretch & Flex class or if you are after a great sweat session to burn maximum calories, or just toning up on stubborn areas.
In our fantastic Health & Vitality program, Nothing is forbidden.
You are in control of your eating and exercise plan, and most importantly your time.
Highly in-detail, session for session uncovering EVERYTHING healthy, energising, and sexy.
In our world of chaos, it is natural to feel overwhelmed and resort to food for a number of physiological issues. These are addressed in an open, homely and intimate family type environment. I will help you through any obstacle that gets in your way! I’m with you all the way through this journey! E-mail correspondence for any need!
I’ve got your back. Always.
Become youthful & bring out your inner radiant Vixen, just with a lifestyle change of MIND!
Addressing Natural beauty techniques to rid our lives of nasty chemicals.
Dressing sexy for your body, plus some after dark sexy workouts!
Follow Vitalistic Vixen on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and via email for motivational quotes and tips.
Train your brain by learning new routines and great habits, so you can make healthy choices without even thinking about it.
Designed for a complete beginner to a fitness freak, we are all human and all feel the same desires and needs, so follow the new journey of healthy eating and getting stronger with the Vitalistic Vixen Family.
End of each month will be a group chat session about failures and successes and challenges as well as new things they have discovered.
Supportive and fun.
Get guidance from a Leader who’s been in your shoes, possibly worse and encouragement from the Vitalistic Vixen Family.
Your weigh-in and measurements each week are completely confidential (but once you start losing, you might have to stop yourself from blurting it out!) and helps motivate you towards your goals as you track your progress each week.
Designed just for YOUR life, personal guidance on your own specific diet and body type exercise plans.
Offering Meal plans based on an 80/20 eating plan; 80% we eat good nutritious food to fuel our bodies for this world of chaos, and 20% we get to eat anything we desire and as much of it as we want!
Notes supplied at each weekly session! Each section we cover, builds a magnificent life changing documentation of your progress!
A number of Calorie burning classes including Group fitness, Boot Camp, Cardio Strip tease, Ab Attack, Stretch & Flex, and Kickbox Fit classes will accompany the Vitalistic Vixen Health & Vitality Program. We even accommodate for new mommies and mommies to be, with our Pre and Post Natal classes.
Once you join the Vitalistic Vixen Healthy Family, your challenge becomes our challenge, and your success, our success!

Find the inner vixen in you; don’t let excuses ruin your life!



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