5 Fruits and Veggies You Didn’t Know Were Superfoods




This slightly bitter green with a peppery taste earned the No. 1 slot on the list, ahead of nutrient-rich veggies like Chinese cabbage, chard, beet greens, collard greens, kale, and arugula. It is loaded with vitamin A, vitamin C as well as vitamin K and calcium. It even has a bit of protein and is low-cal — one cup has just 5 calories.



It’s loaded with vitamins A, C, K, and also provides a good amount of iron, calcium, protein, and potassium, which helps control blood pressure. Two cups chopped is only 35 calories, too. Turn a big bunch into parsley pesto, then toss with pasta or brush on lean chicken or fish!



It is a member of the chicory family, has a crisp texture that’s slightly sweet and nutty, with only one calorie per leaf. It contains loads of B vitamins, high levels of vitamins C and K, calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, and folate. Dip the sturdy leaves in hummus or guac instead of chips or crackers!


Red Pepper

If you need an immune boost, reach for a sweet red pepper. Red peppers are high in vitamins C and A, both critical to a healthy immune system.



One cup of fresh pumpkin, is just 50 calories and filled with vitamins A, C, B, and E, potassium, and even some filling fiber. Pumpkins start popping up at markets at the end of summer, or early fall. Roast them — and don’t throw out the seeds! Packed with protein, you can toast them too and toss on a dish for crunch.


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