In life we are taught to be over-concerned with others opinions.  Yet it is impossible to please everyone, and when we try to control other’s opinions of us, we end up giving ourselves away to try to “make it” with them.


The only opinion you should consider important is your own. What another thinks of us actually has very little to do with us, it has more to do with their judgements and opinions and even projections on to us. You will notice that at times a person can have an idea or opinion of you that is so inaccurate, it is laughable. Therefore, how they see us, is not our responsibility.


Know who you are and who you wish to be in the world, and have a clear intention to live in joy, in alignment with source, with pure love.  Ensure that everything you think say and do comes from a place of reverence, appreciation and love. Yes some will like us, and some won’t, but when we know we have been true to ourselves then we realise other people’s perceptions are just opinions and are not real.


Remembering also that our ideas about others are just our opinion and not real, we can look for, and see the best in others as we would like them to look for, and see the best in us.  If another chooses not to look for and see the best in us, we need to remember that the person they create in their story is not us, not who we really are. So instead of resisting their opinion and absorbing their negativity, we can remain true, loveable and loving as God created us and feel wonderful no matter what anyone else is thinking or saying.


When we can let go the idea that we need others approval to be happy or successful and rather rely on our own divine inspired guidance, we can truly be free.


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