How do we experience love? Whenever another sees who we really are and showers us with their attention, admiration or appreciation, we feel loved. I read these powerful words recently. Love is an absence of judgement. When we can get past our judgements and opinions and see the goodness in another, it becomes easy to feel and express love towards them.

Shower a little child with adoration and admiration and watch how they almost burst with joy. People need to feel loved, and although I believe God expresses his love through the abundance and beauty that is always around us he also uses the people in our lives to express love to us.

Love is universal, so whenever I am loving or appreciating someone I realise that I am being love’s voice, hands and feet and giving life an opportunity to express love in the physical. That for me is doing love’s work. So I look for opportunities to remind people they are loved and that they ARE Love.

It is a wonderfully joyful thing to do, so go out there and be on a mission to show love, through giving your time, your attention, your appreciation and your affection and know you are being an instrument of peace and love and making the world a better place.


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