Do you notice how when we are admiring, appreciating or celebrating someone or something, we immediately feel joy and peace and connected to love?  The reason is simple, you are connecting with perfection, beauty and grace all of which are aspects of creation, and when you connect with love you become part of it and feel part of God’s heart.


If we can keep this connection and live our day with that attitude and perspective, we find our day unfolds in beauty and grace and more people and things to appreciate, come our way. What we focus on, expands. But start our day moaning, complaining and finding fault and watch what happens. Our attitude and perspective colours our day.


So let us wake up each day looking for things to appreciate and celebrate, let’s consciously count our blessings, because whatever we bless, becomes a blessing and blesses us and those around us.  We can make every day a beautiful blessing filled day!


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