Puppy Power.  


While eating at Spur recently, I saw a message written at the work station of the waiter. It read “Remember your puppy side.”  It went on to encourage them to smile, be pleased to see the customer, wag their inner tail etc.


Basically they were talking about friendliness. What a lovely analogy to remind people to express this gift to others. Spend time with a puppy, and you will be delighted, not only are they happy and waggy and friendly, you will seldom see them negative and depressed.


I think we all need more puppy power.  If we each simply say hello, smile, show an interest, wish people well, complain less and be more positive, it will have a huge impact on the goodwill of our nation. The spinoff of that is when we are expressing positive energy, we are lining up with all that is Goodly and Godly in the world.  Your own mood will improve. So, say “Hello” today and let’s practice friendliness. You will be amazed how you brighten another’s day and your own.


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