I believe we are all connected to the loving spirit of God; when we allow ourselves to be, but consider what happens in a day – in the morning, we wake up and perhaps feel gratitude and appreciation for the beautiful morning, we feel joy and we are connected. A little later we feel rushed and irritated, we disconnect, then we read the bible or other inspirational material and we feel connected again.


Later we think someone disappoints us, we feel disconnected again. Then we receive a compliment, we feel connected. We criticize ourselves or someone else, we disconnect. The whole day we expand and contract our hearts, connecting to love and experiencing and expressing it and disconnecting and expressing the opposite.


How much you are living in alignment with love will decide the level of joy you feel. We know when we are connected because we feel joyful and peaceful, it feels right. We know when we are disconnected because it feels awful. So choose your reactions and perceptions today and choose to see the world from a loving perspective, the impact on your lives and others will amaze you.

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