There was a man who had four sons. He wanted his sons to learn not to judge things too quickly. So he sent them each on a quest, in turn, to go and look at a pear tree that was a great distance away.

The first son went in the winter, the second in the spring, the third in summer, and the youngest son in the fall.

When they had all gone and come back, he called them together to describe what they had seen.

The first son said that the tree was ugly, bent, and twisted.

The second son said no it was covered with green buds and full of promise.

The third son disagreed; he said it was laden with blossoms that smelled so sweet and looked so beautiful, it was the most graceful thing he had ever seen.

The last son disagreed with all of them; he said it was ripe and drooping with fruit, full of life and fulfillment.

The man then explained to his sons that they were all right, because they had each seen but only one season in the tree’s life.

He told them that you cannot judge a tree, or a person, by only one season, and that the essence of who they are and the pleasure, joy, and love that come from that life can only be measured at the end, when all the seasons are up.

If you give up when it’s winter, you will miss the promise of your spring, the beauty of your summer, fulfillment of your fall.

Don’t let the pain of one season destroy the joy of all the rest.
Don’t judge life by one difficult season.
Persevere through the difficult patches and better times are sure to come sometime or later.

Loving support.


Society teaches us that we need to be competitive in life and that every other person, even those close to us are our adversaries. So we hold people at a distance, we ensure that we are right, that we come out on top. And if that means bringing others down or stepping on them along the way so be it. I do not believe that this is God’s plan for this planet.


I believe we can live in mutual support. Loving our family, friends, neighbours and colleagues and empowering them to win too. We can create a win-win situation. Most conflict in the office, at home or in social situations boils down to some kind of competitive behaviour. When we realise we are all the same, all of us are a gift to this planet if we simply allow love to guide us, every person we meet can be a blessing, because what you bless always blesses you.


So let’s support the people around us, always looking for and seeing the best in them and consciously empowering them to be the best that they can be.

And in uplifting them we cannot help but uplift ourselves, and when we know we have uplifted another we feel amazing satisfaction and joy. So let’s create win win what do we have to lose?